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Broadcast your video wall free of charge worldwide and on all platforms (PC, Android, etc.).

First test of transmitting the video capture of our screen wall. The multicast stream was accessible on the local network and on the internet through the 3 platforms (smartphone, pc, tv) with just the following address: 𝐑𝐭𝐭𝐩://π„πŒπƒπ°πšπ₯π₯π›π«π¨πšππœπšπ¬π­.𝐝𝐝𝐧𝐬.𝐧𝐞𝐭:πŸ–πŸŽ.

It stutters due to poor choices in the video "compression" and EMD, in this example, encodes in almost 6-8k and then sends the stream in this same resolution without scaling, hence the minor issues that will be corrected very quickly.

Without having to use services like YouTube Live, Dailymotion, Twitch, Facebook Live, etc., which are complex to implement, you can, with just a free dynamic DNS account like, EMD and a "good" pc player (CPU and GPU, the one from the videowall) connected to the Internet, transmit and retrieve the video and audio stream of your remote walls from anywhere with a connected screen.


Toggle, Move, Enlarge in 1 click your Displays previously stored in EMD.

Here is the detailed configuration of our video wall at 4000 € (exc vat) :

O.S Win 11 : 10 €
Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z690-P D4 : 200 €.
CPU (processor) i5 9600 k : 150 €. (2 to 3 times faster with an i7 12...K at 400 €)
GPU (graphics card) 3 X Nvidia GTX 1060 : 600 €.
RAM 16 Gb : 100 €.
HD (Ssd) 500 Gb : 50 €.
PC XL CASE : 250 €.
Power supply 850 W : 60 €.

-SCREENS (6mΒ²) :
12 x 43 INCH HD: 1800 €.


-EMD LICENSE : 499 €.

TOTAL COST : 4000 €


Meet us from 4 to 8 October 2023:
129th National Congress of the French Fire Brigade, in Toulouse.

Come and discover our Mobile Command Center! 🚐

Equipped with our solutions with 1 screen in front and a wall of 6 screens inside, this Mobile Command Center is ideal for you to enjoy our solution.  

Don't hesitate to come and see us, we will be next to the main bar, outside at stand nΒ°401.

Visit the dedicated website to find out more:


Let's play a game?

DIY Video Wall Solution (Screens+Cabling+PC player+EMD license, Total cost = €4000) 

Easily broadcast live on Twitch channels, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Tiktok Live, etc.


EMD will soon be available in 28 languages:
English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, German, Arabic, Ukrainian, Japanese, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Irish, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Javanese, Malay, Slovak, Hebrew.


The team of Virtual Cockpit France is today in our Showroom of Montpellier.

The workshop is on the Virtual Video Wall:

The concept is to cast a multi source technology screen to hundred of end users.

We are designing this 9 TVs frame for a proof of concept required by a traditional dashboard customer.


One small laptop, a fix frame Projecta, a video projector NEC P502, and you get the impressive result of 6 M2 video wall.

Easy Multi Display manage to cast up to 24 different areas with this simple architecture.


Following the ISE 2023 exhibition in Barcelona, we were noticed by rAVe [PUBS]* and they broadcast on their international website an interview with Guy Condamine, Co-founder of EASY Multi Display (News digital signage and videowall). This is a great recognition for our software, our services and our team!

* rAVe [PUBS], founded in 1998 by Gary Kayye, is a news organization that provides coverage of the commercial (ProAV) and residential (HomeAV) audiovisual trade industries via e-newsletters, blogs, video, social media and a variety of other mediums.

Interview Guy News software digital signage and video wall


In February 2023, our team was at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. This is a huge show dedicated to digital signage and especially to command rooms.  

We could also see the new technologies such as flexible screens. Great for a PCM (Mobile command center).

Travelling to the global #ise2023 trade fair has opened our eyes even more to technological innovations.

Decade after decade, as IT specialists and entrepreneurs, we are always surprised that companies charge the same price for the same service, regardless of technological advances. Many Videowall booths are very big, very rich with companies that generate a lot of margin.

But in 20 years, how can we explain that the price of TVs in our homes has dropped by 40 times, for a better picture and incomparable user experience, while video walls are still expensive?

Today the microprocessor in your phone is 70,000 times more powerful than the one that guided the Apollo 11 mission, should you still pay the same price as NASA?

You believe in French talent, we develop everything in France, come and visit us in Montpellier, in Brussels or invite us with our PCM (Mobile Command Center) :-).

Guy CONDAMINE. Tel: 06 79 07 55 19



Latest EMD features (videowall software v 1.076):

Added 30 default display templates in EMD.
You can use either :
-detected displays,
-your memorized configs,
-the default templates in EMD are applicable for your entire wall and those up to 24 screens, or assign a template to a specific screen.

ps: the Arabic beta version of EMD is almost ready...


Our software in the background of the prefect's visit to the Sdis 79 rescue centre: Link to linkedin post.

logo sdis79 News software digital signage and video wall

Visit the website of the SDIS79 rescue centre:


EasyMultiDisplay will be present at the Barcelona trade fair from 31 January to 3 February. Come and see us at stand CS636.

ise 2023 News software digital signage and video wall
plan News software digital signage and video wall

Visit their website:


Due to the increasing use of our software in North Africa, EMD will soon be available in Arabic.
We are also working on improving our Spanish version "for" ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

Do not hesitate to come and say hello, we will always have time to exchange with you.

snashopt emd arabic News software digital signage and video wall
snapshot spanish News software digital signage and video wall


Our showroom in Montpellier is under construction (delivery mid-December):

The first stage of the work is finished!

Start of works, Guy is involved in all the work sites!


New function deployed with EMD Versus 1.0.75 (available early December): 

View all your media with focus possible for each of them in 1 click (video, drone, TV, web, software, RDP, clock, stream, etc.). Example with 2 screens of the future EMD update (v1.075)

With the next update EMD now stores the zoom value in videowall mode. Example with the time display (stopwatch and countdown), at the first launch in videowall mode you adjust the zoom value to enlarge it and it will be repositioned identically the next time, same for your urls.

Max: 24 areas on 24 screens. Result obtained with 2 tvs (2*250 €) + a laptop 600 € (which easily manages up to 4 screens or even 5 with usb-hdmi converters at 10 €) + a licence at 499 €.


EasyMultiDisplay is happy to welcome in our Brussels showroom a painting* by the Italian artist Res2 @res2_original.

We should be organising a wine and streetart event in our Montpellier showroom in early autumn.

At our newly refurbished showroom in Brussels, you can join us to test the capabilities of Easy Multi Display.

Get your questions answered by one of our dedicated support staff and receive training on Easy Multi Display so that you can get your Digital Signage Solution up and running in no time.

At this location:
-Software Demo,
-Software Training, another room is specially dedicated (capacity: 8-15 students).

Ps: a Pc and a licence at 499€ to manage the 4 Tvs.

*From Taylor A. Strait archives original paint Res2 - I love A 


New function deployed with EMD Versus 1.0.72: Easy retrieval of favourite URLs in EasyMultiDisplay.

Example with the social networks and Website of SDIS 45 (French Fire Central-Station):

-Twitter SDIS45

-Instagram SDIS45

-GoogleEarth SDIS45

-Youtube SDIS45

-Waze SDIS45

-Website SDIS45


New function deployed with EMD Versus 1.0.72: Arrange your 6 display areas as you wish on your screens.

setting interface emd News software digital signage and video wall

Example by moving the 6 displays on the same screen (full HD), each display is divided into 4 zones and each zone displays a youtube live url (tv channel), this will be particularly useful with very large screens in 8 k or 16 k:

These are youtube streams but you could display 24 zones with different types of media (rdp, videos, images, internet url, etc.) and the display layouts are easily memorized (this one is called "1 HD screen 6 displays 24 zones") and will be included by default in EMD with more to come...


Welcome to the French department β€œL’Aude”, the command center SDIS* 11 is the sixth customer to get their videowall powered by Easy Multi Display

*SDIS: this is a French command center managing up to 3000 firemen. There are 94 SDIS in France. So EMD help over 18.000 firemen to work with a better overview.

new customer News software digital signage and video wall


Adding the "Capture" function and display any outdoor source on your wall with 1 mouse click.

-Video capture card (HDMI/VGA/RCA/SDI/SCART),
-NewteK NDI Video,
-Capture Desktop,

Interface choice media News software digital signage and video wall


When your passion for decision making gets wheels, it makes a Mobile Command Center. EasyMultiDisplay is used worldwide, this week a new customer in Hong Kong displaying governmental informations.


Easy Multi Display expands with the addition of 4 more screens in the Montpellier showroom!
We take you behind the scenes!


Test of our EMD software with 16 screens: ok


News digital signage and videowall

Addition of the EDGE browser, beta versus (in addition to Chrome/Chromium and Firefox/Gecko) which authorizes more the diffusion of videos on the social networks, the platforms of streaming like Netflix, Prime Video or Molotov because at Easy Multi Display we think about the well being of our customers firemen CTA-CODIS (call of the alert centres in France, the 18 or 112).
On the rare long winter nights it can be nice to watch a film or a football match, this is just between us though🀫.

Netflix Primevideo News software digital signage and video wall


Added Voice recognition (alpha) videowall coming soon...


An important bug concerning the display of urls was introduced in the last version v1.0.69, this will be corrected on 01/03/2022 with version v1.0.70.
Sorry for the inconvenience, contact us if you encounter the problem, we can fix it on your walls very quickly in a few minutes if necessary!


Addition of digital TV management (all countries).


News digital signage and videowall


- Compatibility with XpertEye solutions (,

- Test of the latest Beelink pc support four displays (

Fixed minor bugs.


- Android compatible remote control,

- Easy Multi Display Spanish version,

- Spanish version of the user guide,

- "Customer Cases" page on the website.

Fixed minor bugs.

emd_spanish News software digital signage and video wall
emd spanish splitscreen News software digital signage and video wall
remote control android News software digital signage and video wall


Adding the "Dashboard Manager" function (with PowerBI & MicroStrategy).

Fixed minor bugs.



- Chinese version of Easy Multi Display,

- Chinese version of the user guide.

Fixed minor bugs.

emd chinese News software digital signage and video wall
emd splitscreen chinese News software digital signage and video wall


- Green or blue icon depending on your media,

- English version of the user guide,

- "Gallery" page on the website.

Fixed minor bugs.

EMD media News software digital signage and video wall



- "Multi-User" function,

- "Schedule" function,

- "Text Message" function,

Fixed minor bugs.


News digital signage and videowall

Adding the "Remote Control" function to control your display.

Fixed minor bugs.


Adding the "ScreenCast" function to view your remote screens.

Fixed minor bugs.

Adding the "Easy Network" function to control your remote PC Player.

Fixed minor bugs.

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