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About Us

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Chairman & Technical Director

Patrice is the co-founder of Easy Multi Display. He is 48 years old, of Franco-Spanish (Catalan) origin and Breton by adoption. At the age of twelve, his aunt "Hรฉlรจne" gave him a ZX81 PC for Christmas and since then he has been a self-proclaimed geek, fascinated by technology.

Patrice is a stubborn entrepreneur who has designed, among other things, the "Vitrine Multimedia" (Digital Signage) software for over 15 years. His clients include Unicef, Airbus, Visa, Canon, etc.

A few weekends a year, Patrice takes the time to perform as a Video Jockey (Vjing) since late 90's with different collectives in many festivals and electro parties in Europe.

-    There are no problems, only solutions.    -

General Manager

Guy is the co-founder of Easy Multi Display and who is 47 years old, is a risk taker, with both French and Vietnamese origin. He considers his 2 children to be his life's nicest adventure! This is Guy and his daughter Iris at the Brussels showroom.

After 5 years working as an IT project manager for Carrefour, he has been working as an Entrepreneur for over 15 years.

Guy is an easy going person who likes to communicate and build solid relationships. 

Although Guy sometimes sees life as complicated, after a contract with special forces, he loves the motto...

-    Who dares wins.    -

Guy Condamine and Iris

Patrice and Guy met, when Guy was looking for a digital signage software for his digital Command Center. It was friendship at first sight. 

About our business:

At the heart of what we do is our desire to make business easy, simple and affordable for our clients. Advertising or presenting your business shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, nor should it require highly advanced computer skills.

We created Easy Multi Display because existing software was too demanding for the customer. They required a complex infrastructure, not to mention expensive monthly fees.

By developing a fast and easy to use digital signage software you can display your media the way you want, with minimal technical and hardware requirements.

Our EMD application is subscription-free, lifetime licensed and of course does not use the cloud.
First of all, it's horribly expensive, and secondly, it's totally insecure because it's often managed by companies that, for the most part, know little or nothing about IT security.

As the number of hacking cases* increases with all the disastrous consequences that this can entail, our customers on sensitive sites and serious companies do not want a 5.0 cloud to display their media.

Make the same choice, use our software (tested and approved by some nice CAC 40 companies, don't hesitate to ask for our references...) and avoid being dependent on a third party company to display your media files.

*36% of companies have experienced a serious data leak or cloud security breach in the last 12 months according to a survey conducted by Fugue and Sonatype.

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