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A 6 screen video wall for 1,600 euros

The First Video Wall for SDIS 29

Control Up to 4 Video Walls with Drag&Drop

Zoom Drag&Drop

Master Multi-Screen Gaming (Minecraft & RTX4070 FE)

Stream Deck Operator Console for Control Room

Managing Dual Secure And Waterproof Networks

Control Your Video Wall in Real Time on a Remote Machine

National Firefighters Congress in Toulouse in 2023

EMDContributor Live !

Control what you display (Drag & Drop)

Compatible with Touchscreen & Drone

Send your laptop screen

World clock

Toggle, Move, Enlarge

24 sources in our Mobil Command Center

Easily broadcast live on Twitch channels

ISE 2023 exhibition in Barcelona

Latest EMD features (videowall software v 1.075)

Edit TV channels directly on your video wall

How to broadcast TV streams from a DTT tuner?

SDIS79 fire brigade french alert center (ex.)

Crypto trading view with EMD (multiscreen)

Immersive simulation Intervention

Voice recognition (alpha) videowall coming soon...

Play Stop scrolling with menu

Demonstration of our remote control

Easy Multi Display software to facilitate your meetings !

Anaïs creates her first screen layout for real estate

How to display TV in Easy Multi Display?

How to use Google Slides in Easy Multi Display?

Overview of the Easy Multi Display remote control

How Display Pharmacy 3 Tv's

Complete Weather Forecast

Possible configuration of EMD for your pharmacy

VideoWall and Scrolling on the web site:

Engage your audience with social media content

Use the remote control or your numeric keypad

Display Website Cowboy Bike on a Video Wall

With #tokyo2021 in Instagram and Twitter Screen wall

Google Slides and Twitch Channels

The & social networks

The most beautiful hotel in Sarlat, website & social networks

Display Amazon & Leboncoin on these monitors/screens/tv's

Google Earth & Tour de France

How to Broadcast of Linkedin feeds on 2 screens, Dual Monitor

Redbubble Online Shop

Display All social networks (touchscreen)

Do you want to use HDMI Extender RJ45 with our Tv's

How to Splitted Your Website on Many TVs

Air Traffic Multi-Monitor

Road Traffic Multi-Screen

Our First Mobile Command Center

Viral Attack, Video Wall Out of Service???

Quickly Control Your 9 Screen Video Wall

Simultaneously Display Multiple HDMI Inputs

Exploring the Lego Star Wars Command Center

Simplify Your Workflow with Drag and Drop

How to distribute your video wall to the network in 5-10 seconds?

Interview with Guy at the National Firefighters Congress

Drag & Drop the collaborative display tool for everyone

Moving areas of your video wall (Drag & Drop)

Drag and Drop

Comment and Share

Discover the soft in 60 seconds

Broadcast your Video Wall

Manually moving a display area

World Live Cyber Attack

Easily broadcast live on Twitch channels

30 display templates for EMD

Easily set up your display areas

Google Slides with EasyMultiDisplay

Save your display settings

Navigation with different Urls in your 24 display areas

Multiscreen (16 screens) and a single PC

Resizing and Moving areas windows

Menu functions areas (beta)

Julie at the helm of her videowall!

Managing informations in fire centers

Iris using our software EasyMultiDisplay

WarRooms 8 Screens

The new "Dashboard Manager" feature of Easy Multi Display

Control the areas of your screens

How to set up Network Management with Easy network

Space Car Parts Shop Live

How to get the video stream from your display

Restaurants et Cafes

The Sylvanian Families, what a phenomenon from Japan!

Easy Multi Display adapts to real estate agencies

Multiple display software for your pharmacy!

How to Display my Google Slides Presentation

Youtube 8 Areas 2 Screens Full HD VossenWheels

Update your Remote Screens with Google Slide in 2 Clicks

Display Ferrari (Formule 1) Vertical scrolling Website

Real-time ScreenCast with 4 screens

Display your Social Networks on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, etc.

How to Display your Online Shop on One or More Screens

Windows 10 - Configuring the multi screen display

How to Change the Ratio Of Your Videos

Real Estate Agencies

How to Display Youtube Videos

Scrolling Web Page

How to Display Several Websites by Screen Zone

How to Display Tv Channels

After watch our EMD videos, we have many articles that will help you throughout the installation of Easy Multi Display and its use. Do not hesitate to read these articles in the "Help Centre" category. If you do not find the answer to your question, our team is at your disposal to find a solution as soon as possible.

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