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Vitrine Multimedia - Tailor Made Digital Display Solutions
Enterprise Level

This french based software is a successful and popular digital display solution used by many enterprise level clients throughout Europe. In fact, it is so popular that it's creator and founder was inspired - and imagined a world where a similar solution was available to meet the needs of smaller clientele with simpler requirements. This is how Easy Multi Display was born. 

Whilst Easy Multi Display is the key solution for small to medium sized businesses, if you're an enterprise client and have complex requirements or need something a little extra, whether it be a larger display configuration or simply some one-on-one care then Vitrine Multimedia will create a tailor made solution for you. 

Virtual Cockpit - Data & Business Intelligence Specialists
Consultancy Services

Many clients who are seeking a digital display solution are looking to build walls of screens such as war rooms or cockpits - to visualize and manage their business through the use of data intelligence.

By partnering with Virtual Cockpit, we can provide more value to our customers seeking business intelligence, data analytics or data management services. Stop your search, Virtual Cockpit is here. 

Modo Coaching & Training
Evoke. Evolve. Empower

Getting your marketing displays up and running is one step in the process of creating a successful business, another important step is developing your people. Modo Coaching & Training is an organisation that works with leaders and executives to develop effective leadership and improve team dynamics and communication.

Take advantage of Modo’s face to face or online coaching and training services to develop emotional intelligence in your teams and empower your leaders to step into their most effective selves.

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