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Command center & Firefighter

As firefighter, you need to monitor modern software directly on your videowall

2023 - 6 command centers, roughly 18.000 firemen use Easy Multi Display in France, ask us for a testimony.

Be faster

Crisis management is complex, unpredictable, and creates high-pressure situations. As a firefighter you require information fast and depend on the reassurance that teams are cognisant and working together. Time is critical and mistakes are costly. These situational variables are avenues of which emergency call centres and their teams must assess each day to ensure they are able to help those most vulnerable.


The People

In France, "CTA-Codis", or "Salle du 18", is the central command room where all emergency service calls for the fire department are directed. For these teams the struggle of managing upwards of 400 calls per day, directing emergency front-line workers and liaising information created complex situations where vital information was not reaching those who needed it fast enough. Their command centre firefighters are often left frustrated and overwhelmed with facilitating this communication.

Showcase Command Center and Firefighter

The Solution

This is where Easy Multi-Display has proposed an innovative solution to assist in revolutionising the share of information within these command rooms (Command Center and Firefighter). Initiated through a previous installation within a CTA-Codis, this alternative solution provides end-users with a superior, seamless experience. Building a unique video wall to cater to the needs of these command centres means that captains are able to share information instantly and capture the attention of the entire control room team.


Get ready to use the last trendy Apps...

Situated at the front of the command room, a customised video displays all relevant and essential screens to assist in informing teams; Geo ArtemisSecurity CamerasBody CamerasLive News Reports, and Social Channels. Customisation and installation of this video wall means information is accessible and visible at all times, assisting in every day management and any arising crisis situations. 

With managing captains able to immediately change displays or overviews of the video wall, the EMD solution provides versatility for the team and means systems are able to grow and adjust to the needs of the facility.

Record, communicate, and analyse in real-time. This innovative installation of EMD within a CTA-Codis not only would facilitate situational management within the command room but also allow for evaluation tools after a situation has been managed. Firefighters specifically are able to assess recorded body-camera footage of events and determine errors or successes of management. This return of experience create a valuable best practice learning for teams and individuals. Ability to easily move the EMD system to external sites or premises without the need for purchase of new software or screens amplifies the adaptability for teams, with EMD becoming a central partner with CTA-Codis centres for crisis management

The outcome

Flexible, interactive and customisable solutions are our EMD speciality. Crisis management demands systems that work with your team instead of complex technology that is not user-friendly. Facilitating accessibility through adaptable and instant communication systems means command centres and their teams would be informed for any situation and could make more informed decisions.

Whether we are catering for small businesses or large enterprises we take the stress out of showcasing multimedia on multiple displays. Contact our team today to discuss an Easy Multi-Display solutions for you and your team (Command Center and Firefighter).

Drop a WhatsApp or an e-mail to our founder to get the name of the SDIS and get some references.

Showcase Command Center and Firefighter
Showcase Command Center and Firefighter

The Mobile command Center

Fast mobile unit (demonstration model, one of our last vehicles ) Mobile command Center to come for rescue centres (10 times cheaper than the current liners).

YouTube videos

Don't hesitate to watch our videos on Youtube which are an early overview of what our software (Command Center and Firefighter) can offer in terms of real time interactions on video walls.


Showcase Command Center and Firefighter

Drastically decrease the total cost of Video Wall

A big TV 80 inches (2000 euros), a gaming PC (1000 euros), EMD pro (899 euros). It is a total cost of 3899 euros to get better features than an old school solution paid 30.000 euros. It is real figure, please contact me to get the reference of French department (SDIS).

Record the events and learn from each operation

EMD offer a record feature. Take advantage of the past to improve your team.

Get access to trendy App

Do you want to showcase the drone video instantaneously, the web cam or specific live App?

Showcase Command Center and Firefighter


The remote control is what decided us to sign. It turns the video wall to a flexible command center

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

EMD is the only W10 tool to split perfectly my screen

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

The total cost of the solution has no comparison with the traditionnal offers.

Jean-Christophe H

Financial Manager SDIS


Slide 1 EMD 1.0.76

Easy to use Interface

Our customer just love how simple it is to showcase their media with Easy Multi Display (digital signage solution and video wall software). The soft interface guides you through the configuration process in a step by step process, asking you all the right questions along the way.

You don't need to be a tech guru to get up and running with Easy Multi Display.

Built in display wizard

- The Easy Multi Display wizard guides you through the setup process.  

Save multiple configurations

- Save multiple display configurations and load them with ease.


- Choice of language: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Deutch, Hindi, Arabic in progress...

Need a little extra help? We offer online or on-site training and software support, please contact us!

Slide split EMD 1.0.76
Slide 2 EMD 1.0.76
Slide 4 EMD 1.0.76


Want to see Easy Multi Display in action? Contact us to arrange a free demo, or receive training from our technical team.

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