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"Easy Multi Display helps to improve the experience of our escape game players!"

Escape Games

Presentation of the company

Smart Escape Game is an escape game with 5 game rooms located in Chambéry. Each of these rooms is unique, indeed, the story of each one is different!

Venture with your friends into the trapper's hut or visit the 404 cell to investigate disturbing disappearances. Perhaps you've already received your invitation card for a private party at the home of a wealthy businessman? In short, you will have understood that many challenges await you in the Smart Escape Game of Chambéry but are you ready to accept these challenges?


What is his configuration?

The escape game company has opted for 5 licenses of Easy Multi Display in order to display the software on each of its screens located in each room of the escape game!

They have been using our Digital Signage Solutions for 5.5 years.

escape games 1 EMD

Why did he chose Easy Multi Display?

Smart Escape Game uses Easy Multi Display in each of its rooms to present clues and other messages to teams trying to solve the room's secret!

With a single click they can now transmit messages to the teams inside the escape room.

Escape Games 2 EMD
Escape Games 3 EMD


Escape Games 4 EMD

Easy Multi Display adapts to your setting

Stop adapting yourself to others digital signage software and let Easy Multi Display adapts to your configuration! With our software you can display up to 6 monitors and up to 24 zones!

Improve your patients' experience

Make your patients' lives easier by improving their comfort during waiting time. Broadcast videos, infographics and more!

A regularly updated software

Everyday, our team works on the software to offer you the best of digital signage, you're not alone anymore because we're also here to help and advise you throughout the use of Easy Multi Display.

Escape Games 5 EMD


The remote control is what decided us to sign. It turns the video wall to a flexible command center

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

EMD is the only W10 tool to split perfectly my screen

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

The total cost of the solution has no comparison with the traditionnal offers.

Jean-Christophe H

Financial Manager SDIS


We call it easy multi display because getting up and running with a
digital signage solution with us is easy.

What you need to get started...

  • A computer with a graphics card - capable of using multiple displays.
  • As many TV's as you require for your required display arrangement.
  • Easy Multi Display Software.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No complicated hardware.


one screen

One single license with no addons or upgrades.


excl. VAT*


  • 1 Software License
  • Display on 1 screen up to 4 unique media zones
  • Cloud Software Updates for 12 Months

Not Included

  • Local Network Access
  • Remote Control
  • Video Wall
  • Planning Display
  • Online Training with Support
  • Customised Software Branding


Our complete software and services bundle.

From €899excl.VAT* 

Some of the services available for our enterprise customers:

  • Customised Software Branding
  • Local Network Access
  • Video Wall
  • Remote Control
  • Multi-User
  • Planning Display
  • Onsite Installation & Support
  • Access to remote technical support

Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Easy to use Interface

Our customer just love how simple it is to showcase their media with Easy Multi Display. The software interface guides you through the configuration process in a step by step process, asking you all the right questions along the way.

You don't need to be a tech guru to get up and running with Easy Multi Display.

Built in display wizard

- The Easy Multi Display wizard guides you through the setup process.  

Save multiple configurations

- Save multiple display configurations and load them with ease.


- Choice of language: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Deutch in progress ...

Need a little extra help? We offer online or on-site training and software support, please contact us!


Want to see Easy Multi Display in action? Contact us to arrange a free demo, or receive training from our technical team.

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