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Spare Car Parts Shop

A spare car parts shop in Ghana trusted Easy Multi Display!

"It's so easy to highlight products on my monitors with Easy Multi Display!"

Presentation of the company

Acton Motor Spares is a company that sell spare car parts in Accra, Ghana, the director is Abdul and his shop already has more than 300 good ratings on Google! This is why everyday many customers come in Acton Motor Spares to buy spare car parts!

Acton motor spare shop Spare car parts
Acton Motor Spares logo Spare car parts

Why did he choose Easy Multi Display?

Abdul wanted to promote his spare car parts throughout pictures and promotional videos, therefore, he asked Easy Multi Display to advise him on the best digital signage solution to choose, so we suggest him Easy Multi Display, he was immediately convinced of our software and decided to trust us!

Spare car parts

What is his configuration?

Acton Motor Spares is a well-equiped company because the shop already has 10 monitors. In order to display contents on his monitors, Abdul decided to bought 2 gaming computers that will easily handle these 10 monitors, 10 HDMI cables and 2 "standard" versions of Easy Multi Display to broadcast on their computers. Finally, his complete solution cost nearly 3200 euros.

Spare car parts
Spare Parts as solution Spare car parts


Acton Spare car parts

Easy Multi Display adapts to your setting

Stop adapting yourself to others digital signage software and let Easy Multi Display adapts to your configuration! With our software you can display up to 6 monitors and up to 24 zones!

Become the master of your marketing campaigns

You will not be forced to ask for an external marketing service to create your ads. With Easy Multi Display, you can fastly and easily switch from a display to another! It never been so easy to control your own marketing campaign!

A regularly updated software

Everyday, our team works on the software to offer you the best of digital signage, you're not alone anymore because we're also here to help and advise you throughout the use of Easy Multi Display.

acton Spare car parts


The remote control is what decided us to sign. It turns the video wall to a flexible command center

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

EMD is the only W10 tool to split perfectly my screen

Damien B

IT Manager SDIS

The total cost of the solution has no comparison with the traditionnal offers.

Jean-Christophe H

Financial Manager SDIS


Easy to use Interface

Our customer just love how simple it is to showcase their media with Easy Multi Display. The software interface guides you through the configuration process in a step by step process, asking you all the right questions along the way.

You don't need to be a tech guru to get up and running with Easy Multi Display.

Built in display wizard

- The Easy Multi Display wizard guides you through the setup process.  

Save multiple configurations

- Save multiple display configurations and load them with ease.


- Choice of language: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Deutch in progress ...

Need a little extra help? We offer online or on-site training and software support, please contact us!


Want to see Easy Multi Display in action? Contact us to arrange a free demo, or receive training from our technical team.

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