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How to Display Several Websites by Zone?

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How to Display Several Websites by Zone?

You want to know how to display several websites by zone in Easy Multi Display so follow the YouTube video tutorial below in order to begin to display your own website and social networks.

The next time you update the Easy Multi Display software, you will be able to scroll your websites vertically and automatically by defining the scrolling time in seconds as well as the height. This is an example on a screen (up to 6 screens per PC currently and soon 12 screens per PC for your video walls) divided into 3 areas but the ideal would be to use an area with a screen in Portrait mode.

How to do it?

First, choose websites you want to display on your screen (one, two, three or four URLs per zone). Then Copy these links in Easy Multi Display and finally launch the display on your screens.

Do you still have problems?

If you still have questions or problems with your display or your setting, don’t hesitate to visit our F.A.Q, download our user guide or contact our customer service at We will be happy to help you and we would be delighted to hear your opinion!

Download our software

If you are interested in our Easy Multi Display software, click here to download our trial version.

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