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How to Download Easy Multi Display?

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How to download our free trial?

In order to download our digital signage software Easy Multi Display, please follow these three steps below.



First, click on this button located on the home page ( to download a copy of the free trial.


Then, in the pop-up box that appears, enter your Email address and select your country, then click "Continue" or "Pay" depending on which country you select. (Either way, there will be zero charge)


Once your details have been submitted, you will be provided with a download link. First, click on the download button to download our software.

Second, a windows dialogue box will appear, asking you where you would like to save the Easy Multi Display file. Finally, select a location you will remember and click Save.

You have now successfully downloaded Easy Multi Display!

Do you still have problems?

If you still have questions or problems with your display or your setting, don’t hesitate to visit our F.A.Q, download our user guide or contact our customer service at We will be happy to help you and we would be delighted to hear your opinion!

Download our software

If you are interested in our Easy Multi Display software, click here to download our trial version.

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