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Is Easy Multi Display a virus?

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You just downloaded our software and ask yourself if is Easy Multi Display a virus? We will try in this article to help you! But we can already give you the answer: no, Easy Multi Display isn't a virus.

Test with VirusTotal 24/10/2022:

What is VirusTotal?

VirusTotal inspects items with over 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services, in addition to a myriad of tools to extract signals from the studied content. Any user can select a file from their computer using their browser and send it to VirusTotal.

Independent test by SoftPedia 18/11/2021:

What is Softpedia?

Softpedia is one of the largest and most popular free software download sites in the world, where you can find almost any free and paid software you want for several platforms.

Your anti-virus software warns you that EMD is a virus ?

Why is this?

The code of our software is obfuscated by one of the best current solutions and few basic anti-virus programs can read the internal code. This is why it can wrongly consider EMD as a virus.

We have no interest in being a virus, a ransomware or even a vulgar spyware, our few large client companies, rightly so, have now trusted us for many years and we keep the source code available at a notary's office if needed (this is a paying service with our company licence).

Tell your anti-virus software to exclude our software so you don't get any more false positives and don't worry about using EMD, just beware of your outsourced cloud services...?

Beware of the cracks available on the net, currently none of them work, they are viruses.

Is Easy Multi Display a virus? Now you have your answer, Easy Multi Display isn't a virus.

Do you still have problems?

If you still have questions or problems with your display or your setting, don’t hesitate to visit our F.A.Q, download our user guide or contact our customer service at We will be happy to help you and we would be delighted to hear your opinion!

Download our software

If you are interested in our Easy Multi Display software, click here to download our trial version.

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