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Digital Signage Content Ideas to reduce clinic’s perceived wait time

Everybody hates sitting in waiting rooms, they’re uncomfortable and awkward. Fortunately, when used correctly, digital signs offer a fantastic way to improve the waiting experience. By showcasing tailored content, they have shown to reduce perceived wait times by up to 33 percent. But what type of content should be displayed? In this blog, we’ll share six digital signage content ideas you can use to enrich and engage your client as they wait to hear their name.

Updates on operational changes and news

Every possible channel of communication should be utilised to ensure that patients are best informed.

The better you can inform your patrons of any changes to your operations, the more misunderstandings you can avoid in the future.

Using a digital display in the waiting room is an effective channel to update clients.

For example, use the display to share info such as:

  • Changes to your opening hours
  • Where to find your clinic online or on social media platforms
  • Your opening hours during upcoming public holidays
  • Instructions on how clients can make appointments online
  • Answers to FAQs

Promote your services and products

If you have other services and products on offer, using your waiting room digital display is a great way to advertise them.

Chances are, patients have chosen your clinic to seek just one of your services and aren’t aware of other problems you can solve.

Why not include an ad for your other services and products in your display’s media rotation?

Even better, add a special offer or bonus at the end of the ad and watch bookings will skyrocket. 

Promote referral programs and other businesses

Use the digital display as an additional form of revenue or a way to promote your existing campaigns. 

Advertising your existing referral program in your waiting room will help to remind clients to publicise your clinic to their network. 

You can also use the display to sell as advertising space for other businesses. 

The beauty of digital signage software is that you have the power to ensure you have a healthy balanced rotation of content. This will help to reduce the chance of irritating your clients. 

Just make sure the businesses you are promoting are relevant to your target audience to so that your clients are engaged. 

Reinforce your brand’s uniqueness and share your story

Strong branding is critical to running a remarkable business. Yes, that applies to healthcare clinics as well. 

Most people see healthcare providers as just plain, generic practices. 

No personality, no story, and no uniqueness.

When a new family moves into the area and asks around for services like yours, how are people going to remember your clinic and explain why your practice is different from the rest?

Investing in ways of reinforcing your brand will help secure a position in people’s minds and give you an advantage over your competition. 

The waiting room is the perfect place to showcase your brand content, allowing patients to learn more about your clinic’s story, mission and values. 

Provide tailored entertainment

Digital displays give you the ability to tailor entertainment media to the interests of your target audience. 

Simply playing the radio or television is lazy and will do little to engage and entertain the guests in your waiting room. 

Priming your clients with upbeat, relaxing content before their appointment will improve their mood and affect the quality of your session.

Types of entertainment you can provide include:

  • Sharing interesting tidbits of useful, positive information
  • Investing in a commercial entertainment service for high-quality video content 

Provide Info Related to Current Events such as PSA or trending topics

Providing content relevant to the current times and events is a powerful way to engage your clients.

According to Forbes contributor Robert Passikoff, “Consumers will crave more and expect more customized and personalized products, services and experiences.”

Whether it’s news about emergency weather conditions, traffic conditions or upcoming community events, your digital display can serve as an excellent source of useful and important information your clients will appreciate.

Even better, showcasing content which connects your practice or industry with current events can be even more meaningful. 


Digital screens give you the power to transform your boring and dreaded waiting lobby into a powerful means of providing value to your clients. 

Showcasing tailored media gives clients something interesting to focus on instead of the discomfort and anxiety they may feel as they wait.

If you want to provide a remarkable experience for your clients, investing in digital signage should be one of your top priorities. 

Sources: Digital Signage Today

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