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7 advantages of Digital Display

Are you still hesitating to use Digital Display to showcase your business or do you want to discover other ways to use it? Then this article is for you! We propose you 7 advantages of Digital Display so why not let yourself be seduced by this new technology which is more and more accessible?

1. You are in control of your advertising

We know at Easy Multi Display that advertising can be very expensive between the printing of your business cards, the printing of flyers to highlight your business or the SEA (Search Engine Advertising)... Finally, the advertising cost can be very expensive. Whereas with Digital Signage you only pay for the hardware and the software! (you still need to have a good software! If you want to know more about Easy Multi Display, we recommand you to read these two articles.

 "Why is Easy Multi Display the best digital signage software?"

"What are the main functions of Easy Multi Display?).

About the screens, the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (a French institution created in 1989 in order to regulate medias in France) estimates that the number of screens in a French household is about 5,5 screens, a number that increases every year. Incredible, isn't it?

But the number of screens is not only increasing in homes but also in businesses of all sizes. I am sure that while shopping with your children, your husband or your wife you have already seen advertising screens. These screens, most of the time highlighting a promotion. It is quite normal, the screens cost less and less. Now you can find very cheap screens. If you want more information, feel free to read this very interesting article from Cnet "Are TVs really cheaper than ever?". 

The price of the computer depends on what you want to do but the price range is about 150€ and 1000€. Easy Multi Display is available from 149€ (without subscription) and the screen between 100€ and 800€. Finally, the price range for the complete solution is between 400€ and 3000€ payable only once!

cellarman (Indoor)

cellarman (Indoor)

2. Easily adaptable to your business

At Easy Multi Display, we know that every business is unique, different and has its own history. So what's the point of looking like another business when you can have your own identity?

You want to put a screen in your store to promote a product? Then opt for an indoor system. You prefer to attract the attention of the prospect outside your store? Why not choose an outdoor system? You hesitate between the two? Then choose a semi-outdoor system! Why not choose these three options together?

It is no longer up to you to adapt to the digital display system but it's the digital display system that has to adapt to you!

3. More software choices

The Internet has also been democratized in the home, and consequently, the number of software on the market has exploded! This is quite normal since in 2019 have already counted 19 million developers in the world, according to the French site, this number should reach the 40 million developers by 2030. So you can choose the software you want according to your needs!

However, if we can recommend you a digital signage software, then we will recommend you our Easy Multi Display software, why? Simply because we created it and we know that this software is one of the most powerful, most complete and also one of the cheapest on the market. 

4. Quick content update

In an ever-changing world where customers' needs and desires can change overnight, it is very difficult to keep up to date in order to satisfy customers. As a result, many merchants are behind and this can impact their sales as they are not up to date with their advertising.

With Digital Signage, you can program your marketing campaign in a few hours, even minutes! All you need is a screen, a computer and software such as Easy Multi Display, if you have these three things then you already have the material to display.

Now, you need content, this is where it's very fast, you can take pictures of your products, videos or make photo montages with software such as Photoshop or Gimp. We often use, which allows us to create content for our customers very quickly and easily! Thanks to this site, you can quickly adapt your advertising to the time of day, to your customers and to your desires.

Fashion and digital signage

Fashion and digital signage

5. Highlight the work of others

Do you have a team of graphic designers working for you? You have friends who are painters, video editors, writers? You can put their work forward by displaying their works on your screen, they will be grateful to you and put forward the artists of your region!

With Easy Multi Display, you can display images, videos, texts and much more with a few clicks.

6. A dynamic display

Thanks to Digital Display, you will be able to attract the eyes of prospects very simply and thus have an advantage over your competitors! Why display a paper advertisement on your storefront when you can directly present your products through a video? You can be sure that you will catch the eye of your prospects!

In addition to attracting the eye, you will directly present your product and inform the customer of its possibilities, so if your product interests the customer then he will be more inclined to buy it!

7. Helps people

Why put forward only your products? You can put your digital signage system to help pedestrians! How to help them ? Display a livestream of a news channel on your storefront to keep pedestrians informed of the day's news. You can also display the weather forecast, the city map, the bus schedules...

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