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How to use digital signage for your drugstore?


Technology is becoming more and more important in our lives and that's normal! First, it is much more affordable and accessible to everyone. Secondly, technology saves a lot of time, no more paperwork, no more advertisement poster, it's digital!

Little by little, businesses are being seduced by these new technologies and it is less and less rare to see tobacconists, supermarkets, car dealerships or drugstores using screens to broadcast information. But why? Simply to improve the customer experience.

However, due to lack of inspiration, it can be difficult to find a use for digital signage and yet the possibilities of this technology are almost endless (if you use the right software!). In this article, we give you some ideas to integrate digital signage in your drugstore!

A screen in your store window

You want to attract the eyes of your future customer? What could be better than putting a screen in your window to attract his eyes? He will stop for a few minutes in front of your shop window and look at your screen. But what to display on this screen? You can display the live weather of your city to inform your prospects of the weather of the day and the week.

Highlight your products by displaying your pharmacy's current promotions to arouse the customer's curiosity. Once inside, the customer will be able to tell you about the promotion he saw in the window.

You can also display a TV news channel to keep your customers up to date with the news in your country. Easy Multi Display, for example, allows you to display live YouTube videos or TV channels.

Drugstore window screen

Drugstore window screen

A screen in the center of your drugstore.

Your customer is inside your drugstore, you are really busy because you have a lot of customers and therefore, you can not help your customer. Why not display on one of your screens in the center of your drugstore some information about your products on sale? Such as the vitamin section or other items?

In addition to improving your customer's experience, you will save considerable time and be able to focus on other tasks. Once the customer has seen the promotion on one of your screens, he will come directly to you to buy it.

You can also put a screen that will display your surveillance cameras to deter any theft in your drugstore. Some stores have opted for this system which works well.

Indoor digital signage screen

Indoor digital signage screen

A screen under the counter

We know that theft can be a real problem for pharmacists. We also know that some pharmacists want to remain discreet about their surveillance system. So why not display a screen under your counter allowing you to see all your surveillance cameras live and simultaneously? This will allow you to always have an eye on what is happening in your drugstore.

A screen above the counter

We have seen the usefulness of a screen in the window, in the middle of your pharmacy or under the counter but what about a screen above your counter?

Recently, the world has adapted to the health crisis it is facing. Thus, we see more and more "ticket" systems at the entrance of drugstores or others stores to avoid the accumulation of people at the counter. From now on, you take a ticket when you enter the store, then you look for your item and once you are called you go to the cashier to pay. Imagine if every new customer had to be called by the pharmacist? It would be terrible for them, so why not put a screen above your counter to display the number of the customers' tickets? 

This technique is more and more used and has proven its effectiveness so why don't you adopt it?


Here are some ideas that could help you to arrange your digital signage system in your pharmacy but you can obviously do as you wish because the possibilities are almost infinite and you can adapt your display to your needs. Because in addition to being practical for your customers, digital signage is also useful for you and will make your life easier!

Do you still have problems?

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