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How to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant?

How to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant ?

Digital signage has become more accessible with the drop in LED screen prices and affordable display software.

Now, any small business owner can reap the many benefits digital signage can offer. 

In this blog, we’re going to outline six ways digital displays can help your cafe or restaurant.

Entice Customers with appetizing imagery 

A picture tells a thousand words and when it comes to food, nothing gets an appetite going more than a high-quality image or video of your tasty menu items. 

Sure, you could showcase your food or beverages on a large poster, but that’s never going to be as effective as being displayed on a vibrant, eye-catching LED screen.

While it may take longer to produce, showcasing video content of your food is by far the most powerful way to utilize digital signs. 

And if you don’t have the time? 

Play a slideshow of high-quality photos which show off either your best seller or multiple menu items. 

Highlight special offers

Are you pushing special offers to drive sales?

Then give your promotion a boost and advertise that deal on a large, bright digital display.

With so much competition for people’s attention in this digitised world, you need every advantage to capture glances. 

An OTX study revealed that a whopping 63 percent of people said digital signage caught their eye.

That means that over half of your visitors will see your screen. 

Install that display right by the till, showcase an enticing video with your special offer and you’re guaranteed to see an increase in sales. 

Harness the power of dynamic content

One of the many advantages of digital signage is that it’s dynamic.

With powerful multimedia display software, you can swap and change the content with just a few clicks.

The potential for driving sales with this feature is huge.

For example, depending on the time of the day, you can feature different products and menus.

On your most prominent screen with the most exposure, display your breakfast menu and offers in the morning.

Then in the afternoon, swap the media to feature the lunch menu.

Showcasing the right products or promotions at the right time will ensure that they’re given the best chance at landing front and centre in your customer’s minds… 

With just a few clicks you could see a massive uptick in sales. 

Be Social

Digital signage can be used to promote your social media channels.

84% of people with access to the internet use social media. 

And according to 72 percent of customers have used Facebook to choose their restaurant based on comments and images that have been shared by other users.

As a cafe or restaurant, establishing a social media presence has never been more important.

A digital display showcasing your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds can be used to drive engagement and increase followers for your channels. 

Encourage your customer’s inner foodie and offer them freebies if they share a photo of your food. 

More photos equal more shares and more customers.

Tell your story

Digital signage can be used to improve your cafe or restaurant’s branding.

Your brand is your story and your story is the foundation of the relationship with your customer. 

Where do your ingredients come from? How did your restaurant start? Who are the owners and what are their values? 

These are some of the questions customers ask when considering your eatery. 

The more they know about you the more comfortable they will feel.

With digital signage, you can showcase a video or slideshow which answer these types of questions. 

Use it to tell your brand’s story and express your unique personality to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Advertise other businesses

Create another revenue stream by advertising non-competing businesses. 

Using digital signage is a great way to generate additional income while still adding value to your visitors. 

As long as you make sure that the businesses or brands you are advertising are relevant to your target audience, visitor’s should have no issue with their ads.

Finding the balance is key, and the beauty of digital signage is that you aren’t limited to choosing to display either your ads or your client’s.

With digital signage software, set your display to showcase a healthy balanced rotation of your client’s ads and your ads throughout its runtime.

Now, you know how to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant, why not starting to use Easy Multi Display?

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