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8 questions to help you choose digital signage

You want to discover digital signage but you also don’t know how to start? We have prepared 8 questions to help you choose digital signage!

Like most business owners, you’re probably overwhelmed with problems and people demanding your attention at almost every moment.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to determine which idea on your wish-list deserves the highest priority. 

Now, if you run an on-site business then digital signage should be somewhere on that list. 

But the question is, when is it time to finally install digital displays?

To help you answer that, we’ve come up with eight questions which you can ask yourself.

Are you getting the same questions from customers, over and over?

If it seems like you’re customers are frequently asking the same questions, your existing methods of communicating (printed signs, announcements, social media etc) needs improvement.

Confident customers are more likely to purchase or use your services than an uninformed or worse, confused one. 

You don’t want anyone slipping through the cracks, so you need to make sure that whatever medium you’re using to deliver you messaging is working. 

If you’re noticing a trend of uninformed customers, then it’s time to bolster those communication methods.

Digital signage offers a cheap and effective way to solve this issue. 

Not only will they capture the attention of your visitors far better than printed ones, but studies have shown that people also recall the message a lot easier as well.

If you think your customer service or message needs improvement, then setting up your digital signage should be a top priority. 

Are you focused on growth or scaling your business?

If you are, digital signage offers a cost-effective way to achieve growth in almost every area of your business.

Whether you’re focusing on customer service, increasing sales revenue, foot traffic, brand awareness, or anything else, installing displays has proven to give great results.

And contrary to what most believe, it doesn’t cost much time or money to set up. 

All you need is a computer, an LED display and affordable display software

Whichever aspect of your business you’re looking to grow, digital signs can make a powerful impact relative to their low-cost. 

Are your customers complaining about wait times?

If your customers are showing impatience while waiting, that might be the last time you serve them.

Thankfully, digital signage has proven to be quite an effective solution.

While you might have done everything you can increase your service speed, digital signage can influence the perceived wait time of your customers.

In the healthcare industry, using digital displays to inform and entertain waiting patients has reduced perceived wait times by up to 33 percent.

That means that a 30 minute wait time is only 20 minutes. 

Installing a display set up in your waiting area is a simple and effective way to curb your customer’s frustrations and earn repeat business.

Does your message change often or randomly?

If you run a business that regularly changes the content of your signage, then digital signage can save you a lot of time and money.

Constantly replacing print signage is an expensive and time-consuming task.

Negotiating with print shops, buying ink, fixing printer issues, and even just placing the posters all takes time.

Digital signage eliminates all those tasks and allows you to change the content of your display with just a few clicks.

In most cases, the money saved will pay for the initial setup costs in no time at all. 

Using digital displays to communicate your message will afford you extra time and money to spend on more critical tasks like growing your business.

Are you focusing on improving your brand’s image?

Digital signage has been shown to improve brand awareness and recognition of on-site businesses.

With powerful display software, businesses can use multimedia such as videos and strong visuals to help communicate their values, philosophy, personality and story. 

One study showed that shoppers that were exposed to digital signage exhibited a 31 percent increase in brand awareness and recall.

Compared to other methods, digital displays are one of the most affordable and effective means of increasing brand awareness.

They will distinguish your company from the competition and establish a lasting impression on your customers.

Do you have time-sensitive content or messages?

Digital signage can be updated in real-time with just a few clicks. 

This gives you the power to change your signs to display relevant offers, promotions or information which are dependent on certain times.

For example; when an item is almost out of stock, the shop owner could change the content of a digital display to an image stressing urgency to increase sales. 

Or a bar could display their happy hour specials to encourage patrons to take advantage of the special offers.

With digital signage, you can swap and change content easily to ensure your message is being delivered at the most appropriate and effective times. 

Does your business rely on foot traffic?

Businesses which rely on foot traffic should seriously consider setting up digital displays ASAP or risk missing out. 

It’s no surprise that digital displays draw more attention from passersby and have more stopping power than print signage. 

With the power of video and vibrant, eye-catching LED screens, businesses can effectively showcase their top-selling products, services and promotions. 

One study showed that businesses which used digital displays to increase store traffic saw a boost of 33 percent in visits. 

With quality LED screens becoming cheaper year and affordable digital display software, installing screens at your store front is a no-brainer for any business reliant on foot traffic.

Are you looking to increase sales and promote new products or offers?

Digital signage installed at a strategic location can make a massive impact on sales.

Recent studies have shown that well-placed digital signs can increase the purchase amount by 30 percent and sales volume by 32 percent.

For example; placing a screen at the till can be used to drive upsells.  

With a ROI from as low as just three months, setting up digital displays as early as possible should be a high priority. 


Generally speaking, whatever area of your business you’re focusing on, digital signage can be a powerful tool to help achieve your goals. 

If you answered ‘yes’ to two or even just one of these questions, then it’s time to dive into the world of digital signage. 

The great thing about technology today is that you don’t need to be a tech-wizard or break the bank to start benefiting from this effective medium.

So take the plunge into digital signage today.

Thanks to these 8 questions to help you choose digital signage, you will start sooner !

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